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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Whoever knew what today was going to turn into;

Went out and met Auntie Mand and Lorrie for lunch at this lovely little Greek restaurant - It was such a good change to not have to eat just chicken for once!
Then everyone was going to go back to work and me, mum and dad were going to look around the shopping area - Westgate. But, instead, I ended up going back with Lorrie to help clear out her old apartment and set up a few bits in her new one - which I got a preview of before we all go over on Thursday ;)

Then! Looked at Carlee's wedding photos which had been just sent in the mail, making me jealous I couldn't have been there! Followed by an impulse trip to Dairy Queen where we just hadd to have the super fatty but oh so good, caramel and brownie Blizzard - (a super-sized version of a McFlurry to all you English folk).
After all, we figured we'd burnt off enough calories right?

Driving back towards home as we were having dinner there, realised we were running on empty! The marker had actually gone below the empty warning and so it was a quick dash to the nearest gas station with the horrifying image that I would have to get out and push the car there if we didn't make it on time! Eeesh, we really were too fixated on getting that ice cream...

We eat and talk about food too much I swear. But that's the Brown's right?!

Speaking of which, as if we hadn't had enough sugary-goodness..we had pineapples covered in melted dark chocolate and triple thick cream... but the pineapple makes it okay, because that's healthy and good for you yes?


All later followed (sadly) by American Idol and Glee :') - I know, you'll all be rolling your eyes around about now!

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