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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Jazz and Blues festival.
- Glendale, AZ.

Went down into old-town Glendale this afternoon for the Jazz and Blues festival being held there this weekend as it's been jazz and blues month in Arizona.
It was very hot but also a very good afternoon out! They had tie-dye galore and hippies re-living their past everywhere, but I think they're the kind of things that make it. And it was free, so who can complain!

Found somewhere to park but then became confused by the sign which, as usual, did not make sense, and so we decided to move; whilst we all waited on the park (photos below) Uncle David meanwhile, drove off and didn't return for about fifteen minutes... we concluded that he had parked about ten miles away by the football stadium!

One of the main stages we were at was the blues tent, that was really lively and certainly got people dancing! Especially the two mad drunkards who were also obviously seemed like they were taking something... but, they provided even more entertainment. I don't think they were even aware of the people filming them as the danced in and out of crowds so dramatically and involved with the music - even if it was just the musicians warming up! Managed to get a video of one of them, 'that weird grey shirt guy', I think in the end he must have just burned himself out (similar to the hyperactive Tia) and fallen asleep somewhere! He got pulled off the stage too, oh you have to love them trying.

Oh! We even managed to spot a Snoop-Dogg look-a-like in the crowd too! hah.

And after all that we STILL forgot to put the Arizona lottery on! After all, when you're left with one dollar left to you name... there's not much else you can do! So, a debate over dinner went on as to why we didn't go to a shop and get one, which basically led to Auntie Mandy stating how there wasn't one anywhere in sight of where we were at the festival, for Uncle David to return with another of his brilliant one line-ers, "Mandy, it was so close to you, you could spit on it."
Enough said.


mel said...

I keep posting comments but I'm not at all certain you are getting them just in case you aren't the blog has been really funny and a good read well done Louise.

luvnhugs grandad

LB' said...

I am getting them Grandad, thankyou!