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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Set off to pick up our rental car at half eight, but didn't actually get it until twenty to ten they were so unorganised!!

Uncle David certainly speeded things up by standing accross from 'Dan' the sales clerk, with his arms crossed staring at him waiting for the opportune moment to come out with the classic 'so. Dan. Are we actually going to be getting a car today?' in a broad Bolton accent I think it actually shocked him into doing something about it.

Others in the waiting room made it a bit more bareble and lively by making jokes about it all and how 'what are they doing with these cars.. Driving them down to California to wash 'em?'.

Ha :) but anyway, we're finally now at the Grand Canyon! Shame it's really cold and windy though! Not what we would have hoped for.
We're staying at the posh hotel there 'El Tovar' which over-looks the Canyon, so we will be getting up early tomorrow to take sunrise photos then go round the Canyon for a few hours where there's meant to be more wind and be a lot warmer and sunnier hopefully! Then we're driving down to Kanab tomorrow night as a break for our next journey to Bryce Canyon on Wednesday.

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mel said...

Just whisper about the problems of car hire as apparently da mob own them as it proven to be good for money laundering sssssshhhhh!!!! keep it quiet.