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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Catching up with today..

As seen with the videos in a previous post, Dad has indeed got his beloved I-Pad.

Went to Arrowhead Mall this morning to go and pick it up, somebody had flown from China as their sole-purpose just to buy one! We're not that mad, we are on holiday here.

As ever, photo's were needed to documment this, not only for the blog, but also for dad to send to his envious friends back in England ;)

 Waiting in his own little reserved line. This photo makes out that he's the only one there and you can't see anyone in the back of the store, he's not. It was around half eleven in the morning - there were people sadder than my dad who had been in before-hand queuing for hours as we were told!
 With Ryan, his lovely personal assistant :)
Uncle David wasn't as impressed as he took on the approach of 'I have no need of it, I have an old rubbish PC, it does what I need'
"But they're so pretty Uncle David!"
Spent the rest of the afternoon out by the pool being entertained by the cats as they took on mission impossible of sneaking outside to catch a quick glimpse of the sun and feel it's mighty heat.

- Ringo was not at all impressed with having his photo's taken. See below.


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