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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Went on a three hour hike to Sabino Canyon today; despite it being windy it was still 85 degrees! We all have the rather attractive wind burn look off to a fine art now.
The canyon was so full of people! After only being opened an hour, the car park was overflowed and we had to park elsewhere and walk up, wasn't too far away though.

After coming back down the trail, which seemed like f o r e v e r, we finally got back to the car and ended up shopping again after that! Nothing like a good old relaxing holiday then.

Ended up buying something to eat tonight from the Kmart across the road! Microwave burritos and beer...sounds about right? The tiny bin provided within our hotel room is currently overflowed with cans of Corona - you have dad to thank for that. They obviously hadn't anticipated the Brown's company in Tucson.

Back down to Phoenix tomorrow.

Of course, two food stop off's were needed including Dairy Queen!

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