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Monday, 12 April 2010

The Wedding.

Went out doing wedding photography experience with Keith and Lisel yesterday; since I'd never been to a wedding before I wasn't really sure what to expect..! The bride and her bridesmaids seemed to be terribly unorganised and late, and most were just 'dumb bimbos' as Lisel very kindly put it :') ! The ceremony was nice though, it was held outside this posh golf club, although the bride complained after five minutes that she was 'too hot for photographs' and so didn't get as many taken as she would have liked.

It was kind of odd... there were no family photos as such, they had to be reluctantly rounded up at the end where the photo was taken by the fireplace indoors and even sat down at the table! Keith assured me that this was one of those weddings you 'wish you hadn't gone to' and that they are normally a lot better! But, it's all still experience right?
Got to help take photos with Lisel as the bride and her bridesmaids walked down the isle and from the back-shots of the ceremony, that was good.

Before the wedding was a little disastrous as the grooms mum was crying as she didn't want her son to be married to the bride as she didn't think she was good enough! Now that would have made a great photograph, the grooms mother sobbing her heart out right before the ceremony into her husbands arms whilst he gave his condolences about how 'there's nothing we can do about it now'.
I don't think they would have appreciated that one though? no.

The flower girl had the right idea though, the second the whole 'you may now kiss the bride' bit was over, she yelled 'Great, can we go to the chocolate fountain now?' - right on!

Although, all the way through the photos being taken from the back was a woman, incredibly badly placed, in a bright yellow dress with her camera on a tripod the entire time just watching it; we later realised that she was doing video, after Lisel and I had been discussing how she looked like a canary in that dress! Hopefully they didn't pick that up on her video though eh..

Once done we were quickly packed up and off out ready to come back to the house for some drinks and stories of the night :) So yes, it certainly was an experience. But the ones with the stories are always the best!

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