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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Went to Black Bear Diner for breakfast this morning, although let the Browns down by only managing to eat one and a half pancakes! They were rather large though... and oh so good! Unlike dad, who had a giant chicken club sandwich and fries. Not to mention Uncle David who ate 'The Grizz' which was basically, as much of everything they could possibly stack on a plate..oh, and more pancakes on another separate plate.

Went to Arrow Head mall only to find out that all the stores were shut! We think anyway, there were no signs to be seen anywhere stating that it would be closed on Easter Sunday or not. Obviously so.

Came back and made some gingerbread cookies for going round to Keith and Lisle's tonight, and a big white cake for someone's birthday at Auntie Mandy's work instead :) 

Need to pack our things once again for we set out on a road trip to the Grand Canyon tomorrow, then Bryce and Zion Canyon into Utah I think? Then for the longggg six hour car journey back to Phoenix on Friday, once again.

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