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Monday, 5 April 2010

We just had a mini earthquake! Happily sat blogging on my bed then suddenly felt my bed shaking, I thought... am I going insane? Which, wouldn't surprise me. Pancake gone to the brain!
Anyway, looked up and saw the flowers shaking and the door and blinds, then concluding to myself: It must be my eyes?!
Called over Auntie Mandy who was in her room at the opposite side of the house, asked had she felt anything, she said no. So great, I've officially gone mad?

Walked downstairs to see the lights shaking still and a very confused dad thinking that the coconut cream pie he just demolished had gone to his head and had these side effects.

But no! There was indeed a little tremor.
Unusual here too.


mel said...

Just managed get back in the loop again with the blog as errrrrrr....... both computers lost their wireless connection used system restore and some expletives you wouldn't know and I'm now operating on the lap-top but not the PC(anyone outside the family two computers may sound slightly geeky for a grandad but in the Brown family it ain't) finding your blog very entertaining Louise and feel you must have attended the same classes as aunty Melly of funny emails keep them coming as it lightens the dull and wet days we are getting at present

mel said...

Just read a news report about an earthquake which was 7'2 on the Richter scale centered on Mexico and was felt in Nevada and I think it was roundabout the same time as your mini earthquake and was probably the same....... unless it was your dad after that beer and piazza.
luvnhugs grandad