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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Spent the day and night in Bryce canyon yesterday, It was so so cold (-14!) and COVERED in snow! Outside of our lovely little log cabin the snow was piled up at the sides so we could get to our porch and door - the sniw was piled at 7ft high!

Went out for dinner at the cabins restaurant which was a short walk from where we were, that was nice :) managed to spend almost $100 though! Althogh, like the old laurel and hardy ice cream sketch, our waitor came over and as dad went to order a beer he went "well sir, we've not got this, this, this or that"
'have you got any of..'
"no sir sorry we don't have that either."
'..ermmm, well have you any wine?'
"no sir, we don't have wine until may"

Same happened with the main meal! Due to the season only opening on Monday and the amount of snow, deliveries hadn't been able to get up to the cabins and the on site restaurant. It was all very nice all the same!

When it came to dessert, and after laughing over the laurel and hardy sketch, the waitor came back over and when we asked if they had any vanilla ice cream he went "gee sorry sir, we're all out of vanilla ice cream"
'so what do you have?'
"well.. We have.."

:') had to contain ourselves as he said it. We were, as ever, the loudest ones in the restaurant. Everyone else sat all nice and poised then you ha us laughing and spilling food everywhere due to mum trying to steal half of our desserts because she 'didn't want any' right. Sureee.

Came back to our cabin after dinner which was covered with huge icicles surrounding the outside of it! Due to our log cabin being rather rustic, we had no wifi or television, and so we resorted to a good old game of cards. We followed this later by watching dr who dad had downloaded on his laptop :') I think you could guarentee that no one else in the canyon would be watching it!

Didn't sleep terribly well and ended up getting up at 3am due to dad complaining about not being able to breathe (he can't hack the altitude) and me just not sleeping and being hungry, which resulted in mum also waking up and a hunt around the cabin for some breakfast bars!


Now on the road leaving bryce canyon and going towards Zion. Before leaving the park completly we stopped at a look put point we didn't get to yesterday (sunrise point) as the sunrise is later here in Utah than it is in Nevada as it's an hour in front (mountain time).

So subsidently, dressed in our summer-ish clothes ready for Zion canyon today which is meant to be around 74 degrees (drastic weather change due to drop in altitude!) we ran up to the lookout point in the snow with people giving us funny looks as they were in skii wear and we... Were not.

Leaving the park we saw a deer and it's baby!! They looked frozen solid though.. Yet, that wouldn't surprise me as so are we!

Going to have breakfast on the road, probaby at mcdonalds, as ever, then I can post this using their wifi!

Bring on the warmth!

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