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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Another fairly relaxing day really, spent most of it enjoying the sunshine whilst reading or with the dogs!

Although I'm not as bad as the sun-worshiper (yes, thats you Mum), I did think I was actually making some progress on my tan! But was I? Apparently not as Uncle David came over to me, poked me then said... "You look like a bloomin' milk-bottle'" - thanks, thanks for that.

Also, just came to return to typing up my blog [after going on, yet another, house hunt for Smokey the cat] I came to find the two dogs - Toby and Tia, lounging on MY bed, which on several occasions they seem to have adopted as their own..but who can kick out two dogs who look as cute as this! Even if Toby is a bit of a 'quilt-hogger'.

1 comment:

mel said...

Good shots of blog dogs but we are rather surprised you haven't mentioned how you are enjoying the food in the USofA unless I've missed something in your blogs.