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Saturday, 3 April 2010

So imagine this.. waking up gently after a wonderful nights sleep with the sun beginning to drift through your blinds, to then look out and see a clear blue sky with a sense of joy knowing that you wont need to go to work or college today...

Did it happen like that? no.
Instead, I had the joy of being awoken around 6:25 this morning due to Tia, who thought it was a good idea to come and sit practically on my head, followed by Toby who also hobbled onto my bed (bless him, getting old!)to then begin to lick my face; in an attempt for me to suddenly spring out of bed all cheerful and want to play with them? no. Once moving Tia slightly I then once again started to fall asleep, until I turned over and heard a muffled squeak and a sudden clawing movement into my spine, this was in fact one of the cats. Ringo.

Since coming back from Tucson yesterday, we decided to have a lazy day. Well, unless you're my mum that is, who was also awake at 6:25 in the morning doing the washing. WHO DOES WASHING AT HALF SIX IN A MORNING WHEN YOU'RE ON HOLIDAY?

As for tonight, Lorrie and Auntie Mandy should be getting in from work soon and we're having a custom and freshly made 'Pappas Pizza'  followed hopefully by a night on the Wii. Which, on the big TV screen may make it even more realistic, so Uncle David.. If we smash your rather lovely TV - I apologise in advance.

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