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Saturday, 17 April 2010

The restaurant tonight for dad's birthday was lovely :) made it feel like you were in New Orleans!
It was obviously a very popular place as it was packed full when we arrived at seven, there was even an hour waiting time, but ah well, went and got some drinks and sat outside in the warm night air and waited there! The whole place was very nice, lit up with colourful lights and had a group of men going round playing proper jazz New Orleans music, a lot of 'happy birthday to you' songs were being played too, so today must be a popular day for birthdays!

Thought it was going to be a similar fiasco to that down in Bryce Canyon when it came to ordering some wine, as once ordering our waiter then came back (twice!) to say that they had none of whatever was ordered; got some in eventually though, leaving my dad no longer horrified.

The food! Oh my goodness. We ate so much we couldn't possibly manage a dessert... well, Auntie Mand decided that even if we couldn't eat one, we would look anyway! So, he brought round the dessert tray and showed us everything followed by lots of '' 'oh, that looks good..' resulting in me and Auntie Mand deciding that yes, the carrot cake cheesecake with pecans and everything else possible did look very tempting, but we could not possibly eat it; dilemma? no. we simply took it home with us to have for tomorrow!

A good birthday for my dad and a lovely day all around I think :)

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