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Monday, 26 April 2010

Flying home.

First day back today and I quite well expected to fall asleep in class! But no, it went fine :)
The sleeping tablets obviously did the trick for us all!

So anyway, the flights?

Before leaving the house in the morning, brought all of the cases down stairs and Auntie Mandy said "you've done well to fit all of your things in three cases between you!" ... then my case came down the stairs. You could just about lift it! To be then followed by the comment "well then, I guess that explains it..!"

Set off from the house in Phoenix at 8am on Saturday, got to the airport around half past  then once the cases were off and out of the boot (yes it is a BOOT Lorrie!) Then it was time for more dreaded goodbyes!

The guys were worse, typical. Uncle David and dad go to shake hands but then it turns into a big man hug and lots of crying :') bless.

The girls were of coure more civil, but just as sad!!

Our first flight wasn't too bad, got on it fairly quickly and had no problems; although we were flying over Kansas which had lots of tornados at the time which caused lots of dips and turbulance on-board!

We arrived in Newark sooner than expected, the flight from Phoenix only took four and a half hours so we figured we'd have longer to wait (which was good because origionally we only had an hour and thought we'd have to get through security etc!) but no security or customs, which was good! So of course, a trip to get some more food was in order.

Second flight.

Not too bad, went really fast actually. Because of the time difference it became a night flight, it was nice to see the sunset then all of the stars in the bitch black sky above the Atlantic ocean, followed by day break nearer to England where you could clealy see all the volcanic ash clouds below!

Got out of Manchester airport by about half eight in the morning, then back to our cold and very small looking (in comparrison) house for around ten fifteen :)

busy day(s) eh!

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lilyfm said...

Thank-you for the comment my lovely, you've got a lovely blog :3 sounds like you've had a good time xxx