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Monday, 12 April 2010

The girls went out shopping today at Arrowhead Mall and around about, where we spent almost six hours constantly walking from one end of the mall to the other trying on lots of clothes and shoes! We did, of course, have to have a drink and cake break in between though ;) Couldn't go without that now could we! After all, one piece was big enough to feed us all! - Even if it wasn't the most nutritious of lunches... but the carrot part of it is good for you right? RIGHT?

Once our feet were ready to fall off, we set off back home..only to realise we had missed calls from the guys who needed to know what to do about lunch. Typical guys. They thought we would be back within two hours tops? Think again. We are pro at shopping!

As ever, came home and ate some more - do we honestly ever stop? Whilst sat outside where it was still 80 degrees at eight at night, whilst reminiscing about times gone by.
Good day.

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