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Thursday, 28 June 2012


Next stop...Sedona. We've had an amazing time at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and now we're in the gorgeous Sedona for a night. We're going to have quite a relaxing day after all the driving and vast amount of walking over the past few days, then get ready to head back to Phoenix tomorrow.

I'll be posting more photos soon! x

Photos #4 - Sunsrise, Sunset

Taken at 7:30pm last night for sunset, and up (very) bright and early this morning at 4am for sunrise at 5:15am, these are a selection of our sunrise and sunset photographs:

So tonight we are in Page, and moving onto Sedona as planned tomorrow morning. I hope you're enjoying the photographs so far! There will be more to come tomorrow, and of course... once 4th of July comes around next week!

PS. you can view more photos, and in a bigger size and quality over at our flickr by clicking here!


Photos #3 - North Rim, Grand Canyon

Over a thousand photos between us, I've whittled them down to this selection to show you all! Say hello to the North Rim.


We had a few clouds over the Canyon, but I think it just helps make it all look more atmospheric. And of course, the gorgeous blue sky still remained.

The large room with giant windows over looking the Canyon, is the reception area and viewing deck of the North Rim lodge. It was quite surreal to look out of, and rather quite impressive.

More photos to come - sunrise and sunset over the Canyon.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Photos #2 - The Drive

Setting off from Flagstaff on Tuesday, we headed for the Grand Canyon's North Rim. It was a very long drive, with roads that just seemed to go on forever. But we were lucky enough to have the mountains and huge rock forms surrounding us, amongst the vast Arizona sky.

Here are some photos that were taken along the drive there:


                                                                       Once at the North Rim of the Canyon, it was surprising to see the vast amount of trees that there were lining the roads and surrounding areas. There was also quite an eerie and sinister sense from parts of the surrounding forest where there had been a huge fire that had stripped and burnt down hundreds, if not thousands, of the giant trees, as seen in the last photograph.

The weather was much cooler in the Canyon compared to Phoenix and Flagstaff, most of the time it stayed around 85F and got cooler and breezier the further up you climbed.

And on our way driving out of the Canyon and towards Page today, we encountered some wild bison by the road side!

Photos #1 - Lees Ferry

Hello! We've had a slight change of plan, we were meant to be staying at the Grand Canyon for another night. But since we have been up and photographing since 4am (yes, really) and after being there yesterday too, we had gone to every point in the park by 11am this morning. So we checked out, and moved on again to a place called Page. 

The plan still stands to head to Sedona tomorrow. But it is so good to be back in civilisation. Although the log cabin we stayed at in the Canyon was nice, it was they say, rustic. And that's to say the least, no electricity or hot water! So yes, yes I will quite happily accept the prospect of a warm shower tonight, and a bed that isn't too small, and electricity. Now I tell a lie...there was a form of electricity in the cabin; however, this was just a small hole, the worlds most un-legitimate power socket, as it was in an old pipe that appeared to have been just drilled into one of the logs which made up the cabin. Safe? I think not. Not to mention the lack of air conditioning, are you serious? This is Arizona!

So please be prepared for the utter photo-bomb that's about to occur on this blog. First up... Lees Ferry:

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

North Rim - Grand Canyon

We have arrived! Last year we visited the South Rim of the Grand Canyon (which you can read about if you go back through our blogger archive) so it will be nice to see the other side of it this year.

We will be staying here for two days and nights, in the North Rim lodge cabins. The log cabins over look the Canyon, so it will be gorgeous to see the sun set and rise from our rooms each morning and night. We're going to brave the very early morning to catch the sunrise over the Canyon in person! And no doubt take a million photographs of it all.

After the Grand Canyon, we will be heading down to Sedona on Thursday, then staying there for a night, before making our way back to Phoenix. There is a lack of internet here on the North Rim, so I will be doing a photo-post of everything when we get to Sedona.

Lees Ferry

Today we've arrived at a place called Lees Ferry, which is technically the start of the Grand Canyon. Not too much further on our travels to go now before we reach the North Rim, we should arrive by this afternoon!

Lees Ferry is a site on the Colorado River, in Coconino County. Nowadays Lees Ferry is mainly used for fishing, however in the late 19th century and early 20th century, Lee's Ferry was the only crossing of the Colorado River by ferry between Moab, Utah and Needles, California; it was heavily used by travelers between Utah and Arizona.

See you soon North Rim! x

Monday, 25 June 2012

Stop one

We've arrived in Flagstaff! Set off pretty early this morning, which meant that we could beat the traffic, and get here with good time. Of course an obligatory stop off at Sonic for some shakes and fries was in order.. at 10am. No shame.

We got to Flagstaff for around 11:30am, had a nice little wander around the old town district, which has all the gorgeous refurbished traditional old buildings and cinemas, turned into quaint little coffee shops and boutique stores.

Tomorrow morning we will be setting off on the next part of our journey to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, with the first small stop off being at a place called Lees Ferry. More posts and photos coming up in the week!


Officially on the road; today we're venturing out on our first part of our road trip. We're heading up to Flagstaff, to stay for a night, then from there we're working our way up to Lees Ferry, to finally arrive at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for two nights. We will be staying in a log cabin on the rim there! A lovely way to escape the intense heat of Phoenix for a few days. Although, it will still be pretty hot.

There won't be any internet when we're at the Grand Canyon for the two days and nights we're there, so I will have a post scheduled. From then we're heading down to Sedona, then working our way back to Phoenix in time for the weekend, and of course, the up and coming 4th of July celebrations.

You can expect to see a photo-heavy post of everything when we return this weekend! Have a good week everyone x

Black Bear

It's been a fairly relaxing weekend, more time spent in the pool trying to cool off, we've had a few guests over for dinner, and had a bit of a shopping session at the big mall near here.

This morning we went out for breakfast at The Black Bear Diner, which we've tended to go to almost every year we have visited here. The service and food is always great, and you're certainly left feeling full afterwards! I had some pancakes mmm.

Tomorrow morning we're making our way up to Flagstaff for the night, then onto the Grand Canyon North Rim from there. You can expect to see a few more posts coming up later this week! And lots of photographs to show you by the end of it no doubt.

I hope everyone's had a good weekend! x

Sunday, 24 June 2012


Hi everyone, sending you warm wishes from sunny Arizona! Here's a little photo catch up of  what's been going on recently. Since arriving here we've just been relaxing and getting used to the time difference, jet lag seems to have gotten the best of us this year.

Needless to say, it is boiling hot, and constantly feels like your entire body is inside a hair dryer on full blast. But you do get used to it.. kind of. We've been spending most of our time in the pool to cool off, so here are some photos including the crazy, yet loveable, dogs - Toby and Tia.

On Monday we're setting off on our main travels, with the first stop being Flagstaff. Then from there we will be traveling up to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and then coming back round again to Phoenix. More photos and updates will be on the way x

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Hi everyone, we have just landed in Arizona. It's been a long day(s) -depending on your time zone!- of travelling, and it's 1:30am the following day UK time, but still only 5:30pm in Arizona the previous day. Confusing, I know. But we're here.

More updates to come in the next few days. But for now, it's time to kick off the shoes and sit by the pool and relax. 

- Lou x

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

First stop..

Touched down in Philadelphia just after 8pm UK time, which makes it... 3pm in Philadelphia. All this time difference confuses me, no wonder my body clock is messed up for the first few days.

We left Manchester airport at 11am in England, to reach our first stop of the day, Philadelphia, USA. We don't have much of a wait here until our second flight, only an hour and a half; but that will probably be spent making our way through American customs, sorting out luggage and no doubt getting more food from a passing McDonalds. I hate plane food, whether it's the food itself or just because my taste buds are put off at such high altitude, I don't know, but I'm starving! 

See you in another five hours Arizona.

- Lou x