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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Ended the night by coming back to the house where Lorrie, Dona, Keith and Lisel all came round for a big meal :) Oh and of course, we had our second dessert, that Dona made and ohh it was good! It was a 'refrigerator cake'  which was basically pound cake with this chocolatey-coconut moose in between the layers; it was apparently 'low fat' (unless you proceeded to eat half a cakes worth)!

It felt so surreal to be saying good bye to everyone as this final week has just gone by so fast, well, the entire time we've been here has; it just seems to go slow at the time but then you look back at it and realise that some of the things we did when we first got here were a month ago! It's crazy.

Exchanged our emails and everything then of course, Lorrie waited till everyone else had left so that she could get the last hug! - Really just so I could get the last hug from my beloved adopted American-Auntie! :)


We just had a pretty chilled out day today, the dogs are not at all happy that we're leaving tomorrow; they can tell too! Toby sat on my bed refusing to acknowledge my existence when I was packing my suitcase this morning as he's seen me do it so many times, and not just because I was literally going to have to jump up and down on it to fit everything in - but because he knew we were leaving :(

Although, all was soon made up with the dogs with a good run around the pool :) Simple things eh.

Even the cats noticed something, which is quite an achievement if, for the likes of Ringo, you spend your days asleep and occasionally waking up to go and eat something; for him and the other cats to do their usual - wondering into my cupboard to steal a sock or shoe (or to lick the shoe if you're Ringo?! he has issues) they were walking out looking rather confused at the severe lack of clothing now in there from me!

Oh and, I managed to fit everything in my case! (and maybe a bit in mums..) but I proved to Uncle David that I would! He stood in my doorway watching me giving me the great encouragement of 'you're never going to fit all that in there in a million years!' - well guess what ;)


Had our last:

'stuff yourself form head to toe full of food and even more cake which you really didn't need, meal ' just then.

We went out to the lovely Mimis which isn't too far from here and came back whilst stopping off at Keith and Lisels house to speak to them about me possibly being able to come over for a month or so in the summer to dog and house sit for them! They of course think it will 'be awesome to have an English dog nanny!' ha!

I think it's now a case of flopping onto the sofa with our extremely full bellies and watching an episode of House. Nicely done.

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Lorrie said...

Honestly, I think neither of us wanted to actually face "the final hug".... My newly adopted English-Niece has found her way into my heart....xxxxxxx HOPE to see you this summer!!! and even more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx