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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Had a great time last night :) spent it with the family eating pizza, battling each other on the wii, which got rather agressive when it came to hula hooping, segway, and bowling! Fair to say dad was terrible at the golf, the only thing he could manage to do was make his character move forward and bcak continuously - occasionally managing to actually hit the ball.

Me and Lorrie decided half way through the evening that we were in desperate need of chocolate, despite the amount of food we had already stuffed our way through!

So off we went to the nearest Bashas Supermarket in search of the almighty chocolate. Ended up getting so much we each had to carry it all in our arms cradling it with our dear life - are we really that sad and desperate for chocolate at times? Yes. Yes we are. Once getting to the checkout the woman behind the counter gave us a look as if to say 'are you having a big party or something..' to which Lorrie informed her 'it's pizza and wii night!' then of course, all made perfect sense.
Picking up our bag of goodies I realised the weight of it, it was about the weight of a medium sized cat. This was not a good sign I said to Lorrie, who later justified it by remarking 'yeah...but at least we have everything that we know people will want!' - just a bit.

Back it was to the house returning to the sounds of laughter as dad tries, and fails, to pop balloons whilst on the segway. (this is on wii fit by the way! we're not THAT weird.)

Another good night I'd say!

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