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Friday, 16 April 2010


Well, the volcano in Iceland has errupted once more and so everything airport-wise has come to a stand still. Even if we do get to fly still on Sunday as planned, you can expect four days worth of people prior to that still waiting to fly out. It's going to be crazy. The ash is so high up in the air we can't fly due to it being damaging to aeroplanes, also, it's sister volcano is due to go off any time soon...

Checked our airlines website and they said that it may take between 3-9 days, or at the very worst - may the 2nd. We will know for sure on Saturday night, cutting it a bit fine really.

Of course Dad was all very excited about all this when he and Mum arrived home from their little trip away this morning, in fact, he strolled through the door with a beaming smile on his face and said 'we're delayed! :D' - not normally something you'd be happy about..but more time in the sun? Oh, what a shame.

Spent most of the morning baking and cooking for tonight, we're going over to Lorrie and Dona's (they get too many mentions on here!) new appartment, which I've already had a sneak preview of and it all seems very nice! A full roast dinner followed by white cake for us tonight, nomnom!

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Lorrie said...

Just like the food, we keep showing up! Or maybe we keep showing up because of the food??!! Really it's the entertainment - food & Browns... can't beat it!!!