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Thursday, 22 April 2010

I'm slacking with posts again! Sorry, I'm terrible, I know. But these past two days have been fairly relaxing as so I've not really had anything to talk about!

Lorrie and Dona came over for dinner on Tuesday, we spent the night eating and finished it by talking, yet again, about food! So typical of us. Also, needless to say, the banana bread I had baked just hours before, was completely demolished.

It would appear that the pets of this zoo house have taken over my bedroom, once again. Woke up at 5am this morning to a cat (Ringo) walking all over me, to then finally sit curled up in a little ball by my feet once satisfied he had clawed at my leg enough. The dogs attempt every night to steal my bed, on both sides too! They don't just lay at the bottom either, oh no, they lay on their backs with their heads on my pillows. Ruined.

Tia tried it on tonight, I took the liberty of re-arranging all my cushions to form a bed for her on the floor as she's such a moose and does not fit on my bed when I'm in it, Toby laying aside and most likely Ringo. But no, instead she left me on the floor whilst sitting happily on MY bed - her on one side, Toby on the other, looking at me as if to say 'well, I'm not sleeping down there'.

After ten minutes of receptively going 'Tia, come here, lie on your bed Tia, Tiaaaa, please Tia. TIA!!' She finally moved her big furry butt.

Spent most of my day today doing revision and coursework as my teachers thought they'd so very kindly send me x45703453453 files of work due in for Monday (hopefully if we're back!). They didn't think to send these at the start of the holiday becauseee? Because,  primarily when it comes to my devious ICT teacher, he likes to make sure I'm not missing out on the joy of doing past exam papers. My ICT teacher of whom I have to put up with THREE times a week, despite the fact that he does not even know what a Mac is - this is why I did all of my coursework on one. Yes, I am dropping it next year, thankyou.

Anyway, less of that..! It's an early night tonight as we (me, mum and dad) are getting up early tomorrow because we're catching a lift with Keith who lives down the road, into downtown Phoenix for some breakfast and to then go on and see some native Navajo American art galleries there and other various bits and pieces. Meeting back up with him for lunch at this tiny place where he gets free dessert for life (how good is that!!) then at the end of the day we're all coming back to the house, including as his wife, Lisel, and of course..Lorrie and Dona!

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