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Monday, 12 April 2010

Had a fairly easy car journey back on Friday; set off in the morning with the intention to have breakfast on the road (McDonalds, as ever!) then it was 6 hours back to Phoenix from Zion Canyon.

We stopped off along the way at an old, and unfortunately run down, Kingman - where had some lunch at an old diner there, followed by a stop off at Hoover Damn, seeing the new bridge being built there; also, it's amazing how much the water levels have dropped since when we were last there in 2001! See the photo's for evidence where the white line drops...

Got back to the house at Phoenix in all it's mighty 90 degrees heat, at around half four, which was just in time with Auntie Mandy coming in from work, so we were once again re-united with the daft pets and family - minus Uncle David due to working nights.

But anyway, photos! 

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