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Friday, 16 April 2010

As Mum and Dad went away yesterday on a trip up to Sedona, I decided to stay and have a bit of a lazy day.

My Auntie Mand finished work early so we could go out and get a pedicure; I've never had one before and I must say, it was a strange but good experience! I was horrified that I may kick this tiny little Vietnamese lady in the face though if she tickled my foot once more with some weird contraption she was using... It all looked very pretty anyway, she even drew the most amazing tiny daisy flowers on my toes with gems and all-sorts, yet unfortunately as soon as I got outside it smudged! She was kind enough to do it again though :)

Followed that by a little more shopping, as ever. Can't have a girls day without shopping now can you? Auntie Mand got a bit carried away and bought yet more shoes (a predominant gene as it would seem for the Browns to be shoe obsessed) whereas I bought (even more!) dresses, a little grey shift dress, a black Calvin Klein dress and a big chunky-knitted grey cardigan. All very colourful...hmm.

Met Lorrie and her Mum Dona again for dinner at Red Robin, by which point we were so hungry and thirsty we couldn't wait for them! Got a vanilla malt of which I introduced to Auntie Mandy who literally sat drinking and drinking it making delighted little 'mmm!' noises as it tasted like a white Malteaser..and who can really complain about that?!

Came back from there and rented a DVD for the night - Have You Heard About The Morgans? It wasn't terribly amazing, it was okay but there has been better! In fact, the out-takes were funnier than the actual film..but still! Easy watching for a girls night in with a comedy.

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