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Friday, 16 April 2010

Went out for our meal at Lorrie and Dona's new apartment last night, that was lovely, both the food and the place!
Even got to sit outside afterwards over-looking the pool area which was all nicely lit at night-time by the bonfire there :)
The white cake I made, needless to say, almost completely went! Only one piece left which was reserved for Uncle David as he was at work.

Today is Dad's birthday - happy birthday!
We went out to Phoenix Zoo this morning, that was good, they had loads of aquarium stuff with the fish going around you in a tunnel you walked through over-head; outside they also had the most-friendly giraffes, two baby white tigers, a big old lion who was obviously getting a bit fed up with the heat! And, lots of exotic birds etc.
Uncle David however, needed to skive off work for the day and so had to ring up whilst at the zoo, which was quite a task! Trying to dodge from all the screaming children and strange parrot noises you wouldn't normally hear when you're 'ill and in bed'. We were joking that as he was speaking on the phone a big booming voice would appear saying 'WELCOME TO PHOENIX ZOO!' - it didn't, thankfully.

(more photos to follow)

Due to being absolutely staving afterwards, as ever, we then went on another food shopping spree where we also bought something for lunch.. they shared two hugeee foot long sandwiches! I have a photo (see below) but it was a task taking it as I kept having to get people to return their piece so I could take the photo! - we really were THAT hungry. And if you know a Brown, you would also know that getting in the way of someone's food is a BAD mistake to make. 

Food seems to be a common theme in this blog, I apologise, but that's just the way we are!

Speaking of which..
We're going out for a meal tonight at a place called 'Pappadeaux' which is a Cajun restaurant, that should be good :)

Still no update with the flight situation as such, just keep checking the airline website for any news and I think we're going to ring up tomorrow and see if we can get through to ask what we're meant to do about flying back to England on Sunday!

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