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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Arrived in Zion Canyon at around half nine in the morning, unfortunately there was no where to stop off and have food before we got here! So fair to say, the minute we got out of the car, we dashed to the nearest place selling food!

The car journey in was lovely and peaceful, but the road was rather quite horrific! It was full of violent twists and turns down the sides of several mountains to be followed by a VERY narrow tunnel which was blasted out of the middle of one of the mountains here in the park.

It's full of waterfalls, lakes, deep red coloured stone and high mountains surrounded by trees. We have wi-fi in our cabin hence this is allowing me to post!
Our cabin is actually nicer than last nights, it's more modern here though, I'm not sure if I preferred the rustic approach or not but either way, this is just as nice here; especially since our view consists of being right on the front row of log cabins directly facing three of the huge mountains and bright blue sky! Also, I am glad of the free wifi! I know that's probably bad to be addicted to it, but whatever, blogging is to be done! I need to catch up with uploading photos too.. I'll do it in another post from Bryce Canyons photos yesterday and Zion Canyon's photos today. We're well and truly canyoned out I think!

The weather is so different here, considering we went from 7 foot piled up snow in -14 degrees temperatures last night, to a hot 74 degrees today? Crazy.

Think we are going out for dinner at the restaurant up in the main cabin tonight, preferably as soon as possible as we are all well and truly ' Brown's ' no doubt we will be starving by half four.

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mel said...

we have both been reading your blogs whilst eating a miniscule piazza with some pasta so now we are feeling rather peckish too but we did enjoy a bottle of Beringer with it so it was quite enjoyable, keep up the blogging nanny thinks its similar to aunty Melly's humour keep them coming.