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Monday, 9 July 2012

Dining With Sharks

On Friday night we went to a place called Dillons Restaurant, which is a BBQ place, most famous for it's ribs. However, this was a different kind of restaurant. As it is connected to Phoenix zoo, so where you sit you can either be surrounded by sharks like we did, or outside with the flamingos. 

It was quite an experience, for a start it was absolutely packed out with people. We had to wait a while for our table so off to the bar we went, next to the albino alligator might I add (do note these are all behind glass). Then Elvis came in. Yep, that's right, Elvis at the bar. Obviously an impersonator, but he was pretty good.

These are some views from our table, we were really near the sharks! I think they may have wanted the BBQ ribs just as much as we did..

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Angel In This Dress said...

This is my ideal sort of place! LOVE ribs and the atmosphere is quite so unusual and memorable :) Have bookmarked your blog post for my records as I'd love to go to America and I like hearing of cool places to visit :) x x