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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

July 4th

Happy 4th July! Today we had our family friends Lorrie and Dona over for brunch, which included a bit of an English twist (have you spotted the bunting?) Meat pies, and a traditional English cooked breakfast. Followed by cake..of course. Cookies, and dipped strawberries (red, white, and blue might I add!) and some patriotic cupcakes too.

We got some rare Arizona rain today, which has made temperatures cooler, but now the humidity is higher. You just can't win. Tonight we're hoping to head out to see a fireworks display, so no doubt more photos to come! 

Going tubing tomorrow on the salt river rapids in Mesa, and in true British style we even have an inflatable cooler to take with us, for drinks and snacks. Can't go hungry can we now? Taking the underwater camera and still have a roll of film left, so will no doubt use that up tomorrow too. Hopefully getting the first roll of  film developed soon to show you!

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