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Friday, 6 July 2012

Salt Water Tubing

Today we went salt water tubing in Mesa, which was lovely and refreshing to have the coolness of the water, making that boiling Arizona heat blazing down just that bit more bearable. Although that didn't stop us getting burnt to a crisp, oh no, nothing but. Despite layers of SPF 50 sun cream on, our weak British pale skin in all it's finery just couldn't handle it. My legs are red-raw, I have what looks like socks due to the drastic colour change from where my shoes were compared to the burning red of my legs. As for everyone else, there's a good few t-shirt tan lines going on. I say 'tan' in the kindest way possible, as it's really more just red.

We had a great laugh, I would recommend it to anyone. Although tying ourselves together with rope connecting our tubes maybe wasn't the best idea. As my Uncle soon realised and instead decided to ride solo and zoomed off into the rapids without us. Leaving us, the girls, the spin around in circles in hysterics as my dad frantically paddled to keep up; eventually we had to throw him the rope and pull him in.

Do you spot the mysterious white floating device? That would be our cooler. It wouldn't be right if we didn't take a cooler full of snacks and beer in tact. Although the cooler did prove to be quite problematic - due to all being roped together, whenever we ended up trapped in a tree, sea-weed, or reeds (this happened way too often) the main concern was 'save the cooler!' Or when my auntie capsized and was struggling to get back above water? "make sure the cooler doesn't drift off!!!" Nice to see that in our family food and beer takes higher priority over someones well being. 

Three and a half hours later, after many struggles to actually keep on the flow of the river, and get ourselves out of the various trees, rocks, reeds, and various other rubble. We reached the end of our journey soaking wet, many bruises thanks to the rocks, and burnt to a crisp. But it was worth it.

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