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Monday, 9 July 2012

Dolly Steamboat

Today we set off on our travels again to head to a place called Canyon Lake, which is one of the four reservoirs which was formed by the damming of the Salt River. It is within the Superstition Wilderness of Tonto National Forest, with an average depth of 130ft.

We went on a little cruise around the lake on an old fashioned steam boat, called the Dolly Steamboat - named after it's owners.

It was absolutely boiling hot, and with our failed 'made in China' paper fan being the only thing to keep us cooled..we were pretty doomed.

Anyway, it was a nice cruise, we saw some pretty sights and lots of many people passing by on speed boats (obviously a lot cooler than us) and had a very imaginative Captain who claimed that you could even see a man playing an organ in the rock face. Was there? No, don't think so. But he was quite funny.

Afterwards we passed through a little place called Tortilla Flat, which has a total population of...six. So yes, pretty little. 

The name "Tortilla Flat" originated from the cowboys who used to drive cattle from Globe to Phoenix. While in Phoenix, rancher Mr. Cline and his fellow cowboys celebrated their sale, and, having a little too much to drink, forgot to get supplies while they were in town. They ended up with only flour to make tortillas when they camped at the flat and were stranded.

..So let that be a lesson to you!

It did however have a great bar (yes we really do just gravitate towards them) with hundreds of bills on the wall from over the world. Mainly dollars of course, but we did find an old English fiver!

..and not to mention the best seats at the bar, which were in fact horse saddles! Welcome to the Wild West.

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