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Friday, 13 July 2012

Last Day

Today is our last day here, before we have to fly back to England tomorrow morning. We're going to spend most of today enjoying the last of the sunshine and the pool (although it has been quite stormy here recently!) and our family friends Dona and Lorrie are also coming round for dinner.

Our flight tomorrow leaves at 12 noon, then it's four and a half hours to Philadelphia, then straight on back to Manchester in England after a further seven hours of flying from Philadelphia. It's going to be a long journey back, and we don't actually land until Sunday in England; but we will no doubt try and get some sleep and it always seems to pass faster going back home anyway!

The suitcases are stuffed to the brim, and so are our stomachs. Needless to say a major diet over-haul will occur once we have returned from holiday. Thank you all for reading, and I can hopefully post a video of our travels once I've edited everything :)

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