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Monday, 2 July 2012


Yesterday we decided to go to a waterpark called Golfland SunSplash in Mesa, due to our pool currently being out of use here. Had a great day out in the sunshine and the water, there were many rides to go on and a big wave pool. And some water rides that we didn't really want to go on after hearing the various screams as people were sent down them. They sounded as if they feared for their lives. Especially my auntie, who you could probably hear screaming (on a medium-speed ride might I add) all the way back at the house in Litchfield Park, on the other side of town.

We took the underwater camera with us and got some photographs, so if we get them developed then I'll scan them in and you can view them here, I'm sure they'll provide you with a great laugh as in most of the photos we are probably screaming or looking like we're about to be drowned by the speed and water created on the rides.

...I think that the 'lazy river' was defiantly more our forté!

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