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Monday, 25 June 2012

Stop one

We've arrived in Flagstaff! Set off pretty early this morning, which meant that we could beat the traffic, and get here with good time. Of course an obligatory stop off at Sonic for some shakes and fries was in order.. at 10am. No shame.

We got to Flagstaff for around 11:30am, had a nice little wander around the old town district, which has all the gorgeous refurbished traditional old buildings and cinemas, turned into quaint little coffee shops and boutique stores.

Tomorrow morning we will be setting off on the next part of our journey to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, with the first small stop off being at a place called Lees Ferry. More posts and photos coming up in the week!


Chloee said...

Those drinks look amazing!

Angel In This Dress said...

I adore Sonic's packaging! Hope you're having a wonderful time :) x x