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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

First stop..

Touched down in Philadelphia just after 8pm UK time, which makes it... 3pm in Philadelphia. All this time difference confuses me, no wonder my body clock is messed up for the first few days.

We left Manchester airport at 11am in England, to reach our first stop of the day, Philadelphia, USA. We don't have much of a wait here until our second flight, only an hour and a half; but that will probably be spent making our way through American customs, sorting out luggage and no doubt getting more food from a passing McDonalds. I hate plane food, whether it's the food itself or just because my taste buds are put off at such high altitude, I don't know, but I'm starving! 

See you in another five hours Arizona.

- Lou x

1 comment:

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

Did you know that I'm from Philadelphia? I actually just got back! x