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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Photos #1 - Lees Ferry

Hello! We've had a slight change of plan, we were meant to be staying at the Grand Canyon for another night. But since we have been up and photographing since 4am (yes, really) and after being there yesterday too, we had gone to every point in the park by 11am this morning. So we checked out, and moved on again to a place called Page. 

The plan still stands to head to Sedona tomorrow. But it is so good to be back in civilisation. Although the log cabin we stayed at in the Canyon was nice, it was they say, rustic. And that's to say the least, no electricity or hot water! So yes, yes I will quite happily accept the prospect of a warm shower tonight, and a bed that isn't too small, and electricity. Now I tell a lie...there was a form of electricity in the cabin; however, this was just a small hole, the worlds most un-legitimate power socket, as it was in an old pipe that appeared to have been just drilled into one of the logs which made up the cabin. Safe? I think not. Not to mention the lack of air conditioning, are you serious? This is Arizona!

So please be prepared for the utter photo-bomb that's about to occur on this blog. First up... Lees Ferry:

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