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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Photos #2 - The Drive

Setting off from Flagstaff on Tuesday, we headed for the Grand Canyon's North Rim. It was a very long drive, with roads that just seemed to go on forever. But we were lucky enough to have the mountains and huge rock forms surrounding us, amongst the vast Arizona sky.

Here are some photos that were taken along the drive there:


                                                                       Once at the North Rim of the Canyon, it was surprising to see the vast amount of trees that there were lining the roads and surrounding areas. There was also quite an eerie and sinister sense from parts of the surrounding forest where there had been a huge fire that had stripped and burnt down hundreds, if not thousands, of the giant trees, as seen in the last photograph.

The weather was much cooler in the Canyon compared to Phoenix and Flagstaff, most of the time it stayed around 85F and got cooler and breezier the further up you climbed.

And on our way driving out of the Canyon and towards Page today, we encountered some wild bison by the road side!

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Anonymous said...

Love these photo's Louise!! Again.. SO JEALOUS! Looks amazing!! :)