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Monday, 25 June 2012


Officially on the road; today we're venturing out on our first part of our road trip. We're heading up to Flagstaff, to stay for a night, then from there we're working our way up to Lees Ferry, to finally arrive at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for two nights. We will be staying in a log cabin on the rim there! A lovely way to escape the intense heat of Phoenix for a few days. Although, it will still be pretty hot.

There won't be any internet when we're at the Grand Canyon for the two days and nights we're there, so I will have a post scheduled. From then we're heading down to Sedona, then working our way back to Phoenix in time for the weekend, and of course, the up and coming 4th of July celebrations.

You can expect to see a photo-heavy post of everything when we return this weekend! Have a good week everyone x

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