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Sunday, 28 March 2010

My my, I'm slacking with these posts already! Although, personally, I blame dad for not giving me the photos ;) !

So anyway...

Friday night:

we went to Alice Coopers bar, 'Coopers town' which, was ace, full of memorabilia and great music, also It's one of the best places to eat and drink! Sat at the bar talking to the guys working behind with their Alice Cooper inspired make up on :') then ordered some food when our friends Pete, Shayne and her mum and dad came to meet us :)

Then it was off to the basketball to watch the Phoenix Suns beat the New York Nicks ;) down at the US Airways Center across the road...

Oh! And me and Shayne won a locker room tour! But it's not until either next Tuesday or Thursday..we're going out on the road to Tucson and around on Tuesday but we should be back home for Thursday but we don't know the times yet hmm..

All in all, a good night :)

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