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Friday, 26 March 2010


Began with the rush last night of re-packing the already packed three-times-over packing. Turns out my ridiculous amount of excess baggage was a little too much due to the hang luggage allowance, my carry on bag was too large. So in true Brown fashion I decided, no, I will not get rid of some of my pointless items, instead I'll squash it all into a stupidly small bag to please those at customs.

Went out for the traditional before hand meal last night where we all ate and drank too much, as usual then came home watched some TV to rewind after the re-packing marathon, before shortly after getting into bed due to having to wake early the next day.

4:45 AM. No one, NO ONE, should be awake at that time. But, incidentally, we were. So, after waking up at the crack of dawn looking like complete utter cocaine addicts who hadn't slept in over a week, we dragged ourselves into a cold shower to brave to dark morning.

6:00 AM. Luggage was shoved into the back of the car with little room to spare, then that was that, we were off. Locked up, lights out, cases closed. With barely anyone out on the road at that time (can you blame them?) we got to the place where we would be leaving our car for the next 20 days or so for about 7:00AM.

Taken to the airport from there, we then had to find our way to Terminal two whilst trying to push the inadequate so called 'luggage trolly' which would have done well to fit on a small child, never mind four huge suitcases. Fair to say, I ended up carrying mine – along with all of my other hand luggage.

Finally found our check in to then again be asked the usual 'are you a terrorist' questions 'nope' 'okay off you go' seriously. Turns our our plane has been delayed by an hour, due to complications at Newark airport last night with aircraft complications (our connection flight). Wonderful. Although, it doesn't really affect us that much for our next flight, as we should still have enough time to get through American customs, security then boarding!

Starbucks, oh how I love you so! After crawling our way through security feeling extremely famished due to only having a measly half piece of burnt toast with a micro amount of butter on at 5:00AM this morning, we were in need of a little food, to say the least. Huge raspberry and black-currant frappuchino. Yum.

Had the usual browse around WHSmiths and the Duty Free, there are so many less shops in terminal two than there is in our normal terminal three! There isn't even any free internet, despite it saying 'FREE MANCHETER AIRPORT INTERNET' it's all just a big con, as usual – you have to pay Tmobile to access it, or you can be about three pounds to go on the computers provided for around 60 seconds? No thanks. And so, I'm having to improvise. As I brought my Mac (obviously) I'm currently typing this up as a work document so I can upload it later; hopefully when we get to Newark as American airports generally always have free internet, and it is ACTUALLY free.

Our gate still hasn't shown up on the board yet, so we're sat waiting in the airport lounge surrounded by the stench of Burger King and the cold wet and dull weather outside. I'm sure you can just predict what everyone will do in an airport, walk around, aimlessly browse, sit down. Stand up, get a drink, sit back down, try and get on the useless internet (again), buy more food (dad -.-) despite having a bag full of chocolate and other sugary-goodness and inevitably have to wait to board.

Already started the blogging in the pictorial sense, with assistance from the seven or so cameras we appear to have brought with us and my new HD video camera. Shall upload them when I get the chance, not sure if we have a card reader or not...

frantic blogging waiting in the airport lounge! Despite the no internet - I made improvises ;)

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