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Friday, 26 March 2010


Well, the eagle has landed! – so to speak. Yet, didn't get a chance to post anything before because of the rush; Due to being delayed an hour back in Manchester, got to Newark airport just in time. Although, thanks to their rubbish organisation of security, we got sent here there and everywhere, only to find out that, we were in the right place all along. As usual, dad got extremely stressed and ended up yelling about this and that, despite not being able to do anything about it; then again, everyone was in the same situation, although this one woman took matters into her own hands yelling in her true New Yorker accent 'I aint' waitin' in this queue, I'm gonna miss my flight!' and shoved to the front. Nicely done.

Fantasies of getting some real food soon came to an end when we realised we then had fifteen minutes to run through two terminals and 14 gates to get to gate 82 where our flight had already started boarding! So it was a good bye to the delightful hopes of receiving some, I say 'proper', food at Burger King and an express Chillis, and run onto the flight, starving, once again.

Although, we are meant to get a light snack on this last flight, no idea what it is though.. oh, I stand corrected, the food card just came back and guess what, it's some weird sandwiches covered in cheese -.- much to my delight. Even our chocolate stash is low! That is NEVER a good sign.

Four hours to go, hopefully just get our luggage and be able to breathe some real air for the first time in what will be twenty-one hours!

Two and a half hours to go, they came round with the iconic 'beef cheese burgers' which made me feel even more ill, and so I had to opt for the delightfully dry vegetarian salad as the only dressing it came with was vinegar, and wow, I hate vinegar. Call me fussy but If I don't like it, I will not be eating it, especially not on a plane where things taste ten times worse! The only decent thing about it was the packet of chocolate M&M's included, although, even them I couldn't eat due to having passed the extreme hunger stage far back. Yet, I can't say the thought of pizza when we get to Phoenix doesn't sound prosperous! We eat/talk about eating food too much. Well, that's the Brown's for you!

Due to the now, almost eight hours time difference, we were all a little tiered – to say the least. Made an attempt to stay up and try and beat the sun, so began to read my Ned Kelly book for English, but when the words start to turn into a swirly mess, you know you're beginning to hallucinate you're that tiered. So there you had it, all three of us on a row – fallen asleep, to where I incidentally ended up dreaming about Ned Kelly. Oh my.

With black bag ridden eyes and cramped ligaments, we now continue on our ridiculously slow plane journey, to Phoenix.

... continued:

Finally got to Phoenix, the city looks so pretty at night :) ! Annoyed that we were on the wrong side of the plane to see much of New York, but oh well, I think we all just wanted to get here really.

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