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Friday, 26 March 2010

Just another lazy day afternoon :)
Went out for lunch at this little Louisiana style cafe, that was lovely! Then came back and relaxed by the pool whilst getting soaked from the ever so attention seeking dogs.

out to Alice Coopers bar next before going to watch the basketball! New York Nicks vs Arizona Suns.

Post again later :)


Melody Stark said...

Hey Lou, have enjoyed reading your blog, makes me feel like I am there, and congratulations for conveying the utter monotonous hell of flying onto paper. I felt that I was there with you watching people wander up and down the economy corridors rubbing their thrombotic legs! well done! Newark is always such a pain isn't it, I am sure they do it on purpose, last time I was there they nearly shot me for stepping on the yellow queue line. Sounds like your dad is making up for a few months of weight watching by consuming his body weight in choc, and that was before you touched down, the mind boggles! But hey is its all worth it to sip a few in Alice's bar and laze around the pool.....x

Hannahismee said...

No offense Lube. But that cat, is quite fat.

LB' said...

haha he's not, he's actually quite skinny for a cat! It's just the way he's scrunched himself up as he generally hates everyone :')