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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Went our for breakfast at this little quaint family-run diner, had a hugeee sweet-waffle with strawberries and cream! Then came back and just had another day around the house yesterday, I'm going to do a video of it so everyone can see better rather than just in photo's, but my videos are having troubles uploading at the minute :( !

The diner:

The front of the house and bits:

As the Browns had arrived, the food supplies had become rather...low, so off we went in search of more food, beer, cake and wine - as ever. 

Also, if you try and look for veggie burgers/anything quorn in Phoenix... don't. There is none. Guess I'm going to be living on a lot of tofu and chicken!

Took the dogs out on a big run around Litchfield park in the afternoon, Tia - the puppy was dragging me down the road running in flip flops (never good) whilst Tobydog, the old man he won't accept that he is, had to hobble behind :')

Letting them have a run on one of the big parks near, Tia keps leaving her ball and refused to pick it up.. right in the middle of a line of eight huge sprinklers. Well, you can imagine how that went down.

I finally worked out the timing for which way each sprinkler would shoot out their ridiculous amounts of water and made a run for it, little did I know they all moved around in every direction possible! To Tia and Toby's great amusement, they, and everyone else on the park, had the joy of watching me dance between the sprinklers dodging them like I was stepping on hot coal. Did it do me any good? No. Do you know why? Because Tia thought it would be a brilliant idea to then go and try and eat the sprinkler, so she sent it haywire! It just happened to be the one right next to me. Then Toby joins in, so all three of us were now stuck in the middle of all this water gushing towards us absolutely dripping wet. It didn't help matters either when Tia got bored and decided to sit on top of the sprinkler, which actually stopped it... until the pressure of the water got too much and it exploded in EVERY direction. 

Thanks Tia.

So that was that, the three of us walked home soaking wet.

Oh, and she lost her ball. Again.

Regardless, home to find that Lorrie and her mum Dona had arrived for a BBQ we were having :) So we all had a good laugh and ate wayyy too much, as ever, then went off to bed.

:) good (yet wet) day.

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