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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Day Twenty Three

A quick post as we're all going to bed early since we're up early for our flights.

Last night we went out for our last family meal together, as unfortunately my Uncle had to work tonight (our official last night) - went to a restaurant called Gordon Biersch, which was very yummy indeed!

Tonight Lorrie and Dona came round and we said our goodbyes to them until another year, of course with some homemade savory meat and potato pies, followed by bread and butter pudding mm! A true British 'tea' (that's dinner to those Americans!)

It seems that all we ever seem to mainly do it eat sorry, but it's pretty much true. If you've ever met my family you'd understand! If we're not eating, we're talking about eating. Simple as that.

Flights tomorrow begin from Phoenix to Chicago at 11am, then a two hour wait at Chicago, and onto our last flight of the day which is around seven and a half hours to Manchester, England. Should arrive early Sunday morning. I hate how we completely lose a day!

Will try and do an airport post if we get time, although we only have a two hour waiting time at Chicago and we'll need to go through security (again) and baggage, again. If not, will probably do one later on in the week.



lilyfm said...

Thank-you for the comment my lovely, I definitely understand the whole family member thing! This pie looks gooood!

Lily at Red Brick Lipstick

kcomekarolina said...

soooo cool!!!

xoxo from rome