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Friday, 1 July 2011

Day Eight

Blogging this from Sedona, this is the last place we're staying on this weeks road trip before going back to Phoenix tomorrow.

We went to loads of places this morning after leaving Flagstaff; started off by going to Oak Creek Canyon, followed by Slide Rock State Park, but didn't think it was worth $20 for 0.3miles of a walk. So we left there and headed onto Jerome, which is a 'ghost town' previously used to mine copper.

You could go into the main town itself which is inhabited and full of little unique shops, built into the rocks where the historic town still remains.

After Jerome we went onto Cottonwood Old Town, to a diner called 'Bings' and to have a look around the shops there - again a similar style to those in Jerome, all with a major 'new world' theme with a psychic and offers to see your 'aura' on every corner.

Finished the day by visiting Church of the Holy Cross, which is built way up in the mountains of Sedona, in such a gorgeous setting.
Also overlooked a huge house, with the most amazing gardens. See for yourself!

Also, classic moment with America's confusion with that strange circle thing in the road we call a 'round a bout' - coming back into Sedona towards our hotel when a woman just stops...on the roundabout. You can imagine my dad's response.


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Lorrie said...

That church & garden are amazing!!! I'll have to take my mom there!! xx OH, and as usual, fantastic photos Lou!!