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Thursday, 23 June 2011

London Calling

Arrived at Heathrow, although thanks to the tightness of British airports we have to pay three pounds per hour for the wifi, so that's not happening.

Not in our normal terminal 5, we're in 3 this time, it's not as good but it's where we're stuck for the next four hours!

Out flight has been delayed for an hour due to bad weather, which we will be encountering when we get to Dallas as there has been a thunderstorm predicted, wonderful.

Currently sat in the not-so-lavish waiting lounge, on hard wooden seats having our 'breakfast' which is more like lunch as it's actually some pasta and (of course) cake for me. Boots 'meal deal', really classy eating it sat outside an expensive restaurant, being looked-down upon by people wearing ridiculous hats and shoes that cost more than our house. Body clock is already messed up and we've not even reached America yet!

Woke up at 4am this morning, to the sound of the glorious rain – oh the joys of British summertime eh. A quick shower, food, drink, clothes, GO was needed, leaving the house at quarter past five in the morning.

Unfortunately when we had set off, mum realised she had forgotten her credit card and we had to turn back, luckily we weren't already in Manchester!

The first flight went okay, escaped the horrific weather down-below and back in Manchester when we were up above the clouds with the sunshine. It's better here, but it's still a total of 84 degrees Fahrenheit less than what it is going to be in Phoenix today.

Classic moment with my mum (again) on the flight, where the brought around the breakfast panninis (which I hate so much) – sausage and egg; however, not having her glasses on she read the sign saying '' on the front of it as 'bacon' then complained about how rubbish the 'bacon' was..that is until we pointed out to her that it was actually sausage.

Dad got scammed at Manchester (as ever) – as you probably know if you're flying, you have to have all liquids in a clear plastic bag. He did, however because it wasn't re-sealable (why it should make a difference I have no idea), he was forced to pay a pound for the same clear plastic 'sandwich bag' that he already had, even after many debates with the airport security man about it, it was a battle he could not win. Yet when we got to London they hand them out for free, cheeky Manchester, cheeky.

Done some shopping around the terminal we're currently in, waiting for our gate to open still. Had a nosy in Tiffany and Chanel (a girl can dream right?) where I almost walked out of the store with a Tiffany ring I had been trying on because I got distracted by mum calling for me – oops!

Anyway, I will hopefully be able to post this when we arrive in Dallas – where we were meant to have a three hour wait for our next flight to Phoenix, although with the delays it seems like we're going to have just under two hours, and we need to clear American customs first which always takes forever.

Post soon x

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