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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Houston, we have lift off.

London to Dallas

A long flight, took us ten hours to get to Dallas from London, although we made up for some lost time which was probably a good thing as Dallas was a shambles.

Finally arrived to be greeted by the pleasant sunshine, but then the dreaded queues of US customs. As usual, all those who were American citizens were allowed straight though, whereas everyone else had to go through a single row for foreign travellers. Despite having sixty customs desks, unsurprisingly only two of them were open for us to get to, leaving lots of unhappy passengers who were about to miss their flight, including us it was taking so long.

Dallas airport is huge, on the map the terminals looked closer together, but we actually had to get a mono-rail for around three miles just to get to the next terminal! After a swift run through security and re-check our baggage for the final flight, we arrived just in time for our flights boarding.

The security guard (for reasons un-known to me) found it absolutely hilarious that I asked him where the 'transfer belt' for the luggage was, as that's what it was called in London. He proceeded to laugh for another few minutes going 'what? What are you on about? Oh that's a good one' – at least it made him laugh.

Currently typing this on the flight out from Dallas to Phoenix, as we didn't get chance to access any wifi in Dallas due to the major security and customs hold ups. 

We have now been travelling for a total of 22 hours...and we still aren't there!

Bring on the margaritas.  X

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